Council Policies



  Please use the links below to view/print the relevant files. You will need a PDF reader to view these files. If you do not have a reader then please click here to download one. 



     Standing Orders are the written rules of the Council and confirm the procedural matters for meetings as well as outlining the council’s internal 
     organisational, administrative and procurement procedures.  Helston Town Council's Standing Orders can be downloaded here and include:

     * Financial Regulation

     * Terms of Reference for Committee's

     * Procedure for the nomination of Mayor-elect and Deputy Mayor-elect

     * Dispensation Procedure



Helston Town Council's Privacy Notice can be viewed here

       Other council policies can be found below: 

Employees Handbook

In addition to the above policies, the Town Council has a comprehensive Employees Handbook which contains the following policies on the pages indicated:

Policy                                     Page number                  Policy                                        Page number                    Policy                                         Page number

Disciplinary Policy                       23                                Maternity Policy                              43                                  Bereavement Policy                           63

Poor Performance                      28                                 Paternity Leave                              47                                   Data Protection                                 64

Sickness Absence Policy            31                                Adoption Leave                              51                                   Vehicle Policy                                    66

Grievance Policy                         33                                Parental Leave                               54                                   Whistleblowing Policy                        69

Equal Opportunities                    36                                Time off for Dependents                 56                                   Anti-Bribery Statement                      71

Harassment                                38                                Flexible Working                             57                                   Office Member Protocol                    73

Dignity at Work                           40                                Health & Safety at Work                  60                                   Expenses Policy                               77

Relationships at Work                 41                                Alcohol and Drug Abuse                 62                                   Training Statement of Intent             82

The Handbook can be downloaded here                                                                                                                      Work Experience Policy                    83