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Grants Meeting

The next grants meeting is on 21st September.  For more information and a link to download the form, click here

Deep South entertainment comes to Helston

Tickets will soon be on sale for a US southern style evening at the Blue Anchor - jambalaya and jazz.  Watch this space..

Tenders Invited 

The Town Council is inviting tenders - one  to decorate the hall and Corn Exchange and the other to refurbish the wooden floor. For more information click here

Electoral Reform

The Council has considered the Boundary Commission's suggested reforms to Cornwall Council.  Read its response here

Castle Hill Steps

Another element of Helston Town Council's public realm project is nearing completion.  For the full story click here 

Helston Town Council Newsletter

The latest edition is out now. Click here for the full newsletter.

Promoting Helston's Local Events

If you would like to promote any local Helston events, further information can be found here

Dear Helstonian

I would like to thank everyone for their very kind wishes as I take up the duties of Mayor. My consort Jonathan and I are really looking forward to being at the centre of Helston life.

Our granite heart
You may have read that I am going to use some of my time as Mayor to try to improve Helston’s pavements. We are ready to start fund-raising and securing help from the county council, with the aim of repaving as much of the town centre as we can with original-style granite slabs. I believe it will transform the look and feel of the town if we can swap the broken pavers, bricks and tarmac patches for our traditional local granite.
The job is a big one, and it will not be cheap. Quality never is. I believe that local families will be keen to see as big a transformation as possible, and be happy to make their own contribution by sponsoring a pavement section. Sponsorship is welcome from everyone. Would you like to sponsor a slab, or a few slabs?
Anyone wishing to make a contribution, please watch out for more details. I don’t yet know how we’ll organise it, but I’m confident that Helston folk will want to help take care of our own granite.
Clean and tidy
Now that Flora Day is over (wasn’t it a lovely day?) let’s not let the town slip back into needing special cleanups. Let’s keep on top of it. Helston in Bloom’s efforts will soon be in flower. I’m sure we’ll have a sparkling summer!
Finally a word about our new website - please take a moment to look though the information which is now available here - you can find out about Council meetings, when they will take place and what will be on the agenda, as well as looking through minutes of previous meetings. You can also find out who is on the Council and what they do and we have put together useful information such as details of local organisations and events.  There is even a bit of local history to remind us that we are only custodians of our town and owe it to past and future Helstonians to look after its heritage,

With best wishes

Gillian Geer

 Helston Town Council has a facebook page which gives up to date news on council events and meetings and items of local interest.



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Upcoming Meetings

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

7 Sep 17 - 18:15

Policy, Finance & Resources Committee - Kessedhek Polis, Arghans ha Skoodhyans

12 Sep 17 - 19:00

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

21 Sep 17 - 18:15

Full Council - Konsel Dien

21 Sep 17 - 19:15

Amenities Committee - Kessedhek Leow Poblek

28 Sep 17 - 19:00

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

5 Oct 17 - 18:15

Policy, Finance & Resources Committee - Kessedhek Polis, Arghans ha Skoodhyans

10 Oct 17 - 19:00

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

19 Oct 17 - 18:15