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Casual Vacancy

There is an opportunity to be co-opted onto Helston Town Council  read more ...

Let's Go Monumental

Designs have been drawn up for the improvements to the Monument and Bowling Club Pavilion - look at them in more detail on Saturday at the Bowling Club. Read more... 


New Councillor

The new Councillor for the South Ward is Dave Potter who was elected with 63% of votes cast  read more...


 Cast your vote on 12th November at the Old Cattle Market. Read more...

Remembrance Sunday

There was an excellent turnout for this year's Remembrance Sunday Parade, led by Helston Town Band. Read More... 

The Mayor - Mike Thomas

Welcome - Dynnargh dhywgh

Welcome to Helston Town Council’s new website. The following pages will give you an insight into how our local community flourishes and functions. Our twelve elected town councillors are all volunteers and they work alongside other groups of people in the Helston area who work tirelessly for our town. These pages will be regularly updated and expanded so if your organisation would like to be linked to us please contact our office by telephone or email.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about how this parish level of local government functions and how local issues are being resolved. It is a site to consult if you want to know who your local councillors are and for residents to read about the content of meetings held by their council. You will also find a calendar of meeting dates for the civic year – May to April – as well as a comprehensive record of minutes from the past about previous decision making. 

Thank you – Meur ras

Mike Thomas – Town Mayor - August 2015




Get in touch

If you have any queries regarding the Town Council you can contact the Town Clerk at:

If you wish to report any issues for which the Town Council is responsible including:

Bus Shelters
Play Areas & Open Spaces
Public Realm
Public Toilets

Please contact us at:

Helston Town Council
The Guildhall
TR13 8ST
01326 572063

If you wish to contact a Councillor direct please click here for details.

Upcoming Meetings

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

3 Dec 15 - 18:15

The Guildhall


Full Council

10 Dec 15 - 19:15

The Guildhall

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

17 Dec 15 - 18:15

The Guildhall

Full Council

17 Dec 15 - 19:15

The Guildhall

Policy, Finance & Resources Committee - Kessedhek Polis, Arghans ha Skoodhyans

5 Jan 16 - 19:00

The Guildhall

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

7 Jan 16 - 18:15

The Guildhall

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

21 Jan 16 - 18:15

The Guildhall

Full Council

21 Jan 16 - 19:15

The Guildhall