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Helston Footpaths Walks

Helston Footpaths is a group which is affiliated to the Ramblers Association.  They organise walks of about 5 miles locally on Sunday afternoons.  See the link here for more information 

Plastic Free Helston

We are interested in making Helston a plastic free town as part of the Plastic Free Coastlines Campaign.

See here for more information 

Road closures over Christmas

See here for more information

Mayor's Christmas Appeal

The Mayor is organising his usual Christmas  Appeal in aid of the Helston Lizard food bank.  See here for more information.

Community Emergency Plan

 The Council is looking for volunteers to receive some training, so that they can be of use in an emergency in the town as part of the Emergency Plan. Please consider volunteering - there is more information here

Falmouth Roundabout Revamp 

Helston Town Council have revamped the Falmouth Road roundabout in partnership with Trevena Cross Nurseries. For further details click here.

The Guildhall as a Wedding Venue

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Welcome to Helston Town Council’s Website. Here are a few words that express my thoughts of being mayor of this wonderful community.

We have just enjoyed our spectacular Flora Day, a May Spring festival to celebrate the end of winter and mark the arrival of the new vitality and fertility with the trees and flowers bursting into life. The houses and shops of the town are decorated with greenery and floral arrangements to express the spirit of renewal and dancers move through the streets behind our excellent town band. It’s definitely worth booking your Spring holiday here with us to enjoy this unique event.

There is a keen sense of pride and appreciation of our heritage in Helston, with its characterful and historic buildings – including our famous Museum, The Guildhall, St Michael’s Church, and other buildings with fascinating stories behind them, going back over the centuries. We are the second town in Cornwall to receive a Royal Charter in 1201 from King John. Since then, Helston (Cornish- Hellys) has played an important part in the growth of industry in Cornwall, being a prosperous centre for mining, markets and tourism.

Today the town has a lively, friendly atmosphere with a busy main street and plenty of historical attractions that keep the town’s heritage alive. Walking past the stone miner’s cottages, numerous shops, restaurants and old pubs, there is a lovely traditional feel to the place. The Coronation boating lake and park are great for families, and there are plans to develop this area even more over the next few years as the town grows.

We have an excellent relationship with our navy families. All working on RNAS Culdrose, the busy nearby Air Station which supplies skilled aviators, engineers and flight deck crews to protect Royal Navy Ships and Submarines, above, on and below the waves.

Helston is known as “The Gateway to The Lizard” United Kingdom’s most southerly point, with its unique flora and fauna, wonderful beaches, historical villages and dramatic coastline.

I am honoured to represent such a lovely town in the depths of beautiful Cornwall.

Councillor John Martin
Town Mayor 



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Upcoming Meetings

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

20 Dec 18 - 18:15

Full Council - Konsel Dien

20 Dec 18 - 19:15

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

3 Jan 19 - 18:15

Policy, Finance & Resources Committee - Kessedhek Polis, Arghans ha Skoodhyans

8 Jan 19 - 19:00

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

17 Jan 19 - 18:15

Full Council - Konsel Dien

17 Jan 19 - 19:15

Amenities Committee - Kessedhek Leow Poblek

24 Jan 19 - 19:00

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

7 Feb 19 - 18:15