Theft of Plants from Rugby Club Roundabout

Published: 06 September 2018

Helston Town Council is extremely disappointed to discover that its recent hard work in planting the roundabout outside the rugby club has suffered theft and damage to the planting scheme.

In a joint project between Helston Town Council and Trevena Cross Nurseries, this roundabout was planted in May. The planting scheme used cacti and succulent plants and has drawn praise from many in the community.

Between Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th of September, two mother-in-law’s pin cushions, a 12 – 15” tall cactus, a further medium sized cactus and two aeoniums were removed from the roundabout – a further two aeoniums were pulled out but not removed and have subsequently been replanted. It will cost in excess of £250 to replace the stolen plants. This crime has been reported to the Police.


                  Aeonium                                                   Cactus                                 Mother-in-law's Pin Cushion 

Speaking on behalf of Helston Town Council, Mayor, Councillor John Martin, said “I am saddened by this targeted theft and damage to our new planting scheme.  We have been pleased with the positive reaction we gained from planting two of the roundabouts on the approach to Helston.  Many thousands of visitors have been able to enjoy the sight of these schemes over a wonderful summer.  Helston Town Council would like to develop this scheme to include other roundabouts on the outskirts of the town.  If anyone has information regarding this theft, I would encourage them to contact the police.”