Community Volunteers

Published: 29 October 2018

Call-out for Emergency Volunteers

Helston Town Council is producing a Community Emergency Plan for Helston. The inspiration was the poor weather earlier this year when movement around the town was severely restricted.

The Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Utilities and Voluntary Agencies deal with all major emergencies in a combined response. In extreme conditions, such as heavy snow and flooding, there is a possibility that the Emergency Services may not be able to reach the scene immediately. In such circumstances, the initial response and continued assistance would rely partly or entirely on local people.

A Community Emergency Plan provides a prepared and tested response to such situations. Additionally, it can be used to ease the load on organisations when a widespread situation occurs: bad weather or the loss of essential services such as power or the resupply of food. The Plan is designed to cater for localised events within Helston and those covering a broader geographical area around the town.

The Plan will consist of an Emergency Response Team who will work with other emergency organisations and co-ordinate a team of volunteers.

Whilst this all sounds very doomsday, it is perhaps the Volunteer Network that is at the core of the plan. Councillor Dave Potter who is leading the Steering Group said “The intention is to generate teams throughout the town who will be able to respond to issues affecting residents within the volunteers’ immediate area. This might simply involve giving reassurance and passing on information or something more serious should injury or damage befall residents or their property. The goal is that all residents should be able to be reached by a member of the volunteer team within a couple of minutes walk”.

This element of the Plan will only work if enough people step forward and volunteer to act as a member of the Volunteer Network. The Steering Group is currently looking for about 60 people. Town Mayor – Councillor John Martin said “You don’t need any special skills; all that is asked is that you are physically able and willing to work as part of a team to help your neighbour in their time of need.”

If you feel this is you, please pass your details to Dave Potter via Tel No. 07971848442 or drop into the Guildhall to register your interest with the staff. Councillor Potter added “Once we have the volunteers, a meeting will be called to further discuss the Plan, including volunteer roles and training. If you aren't able to volunteer, please mention this to someone who you think might be suitable.”