Flora Day 2016

Published: 27 April 2016

Helston Flora Day Association Press Release

FLORA DAY Saturday May 7th 2016

As the brand new flags go up in the streets of Helston, the people of Helston look forward to Flora Day with the usual tremendous enthusiasm and support for Helston’s Ancient Festival. As it will take place on a Saturday this year, we anticipate a large crowd to visit Helston and enjoy the unique event.

We are pleased that Cornwall Council have promised to attend to the road surfaces in the town, but the Stewards of the Dance would still remind the participants in the Dances and the viewing public to be aware that there may still be some uneven surfaces under foot.

At the start of the Childrens dance, the second band will stand and play at the junction of Wendron Street and Meneage Street by Lloyds Bank. Spectators are requested to please leave space for them. The Stewards have decided to continue with the variation for the Childrens Dance at Lismore. Mr. M. Jay has agreed that the dancers may enter the property by the small gate in Cross Street and then proceed immediately around to the driveway of the house, to exit onto Cross Street again without going into the Gardens. The second band will remain outside the Monument and follow the dancers up Coinagehall Street. We would advise parents that the Childrens Dance will finish at approximately 10.50 a.m. and that they should be in the appropriate location to collect their children from that time. Access to the Lismore gardens will be available to spectators for the Midday Dance after the Childrens dance has passed and later in the day for the Evening Dance.

Entry into Properties and Gardens on the route of the Dances is a great privilege to us and we would remind the public that it is by courtesy of the owners who retain the right to close their gates/doors if they so wish. We ask you to respect their properties.

As ever, the Stewards are delighted that the Helston Town Band will be in attendance, playing the tune as only they are able. We thank them for encouraging so many young musicians to join with the older members, so that in years to come we will still have a full complement of players. We would ask the public to support the band by giving generously to the collectors who will be following the dances. The cost of buying instruments and supporting our Band is ever increasing.

The route of the Midday dance will be largely as last year, commencing at the Guildhall and proceeding on the road into Meneage Street. The Midday Dance will enter Lismore Gardens as usual. However we are unable to enter the Old Vicarage this year and so the dance will proceed after Penhellis Gardens via Tanyard Lane into Leslie House Gardens.

The Council have requested that property owners take down any greenery from their buildings before 8.30 a.m. on May 8th so that the collection teams can remove it from the streets. Any greenery left out after that time may not be collected.

We would point out that there are road closures and parking restrictions in force on Flora Day. These take effect from early in the morning and we request that cars are not parked in the streets overnight on the 6th May as they may cause an obstruction early in the morning of Flora Day.

As with any event of this size, there is a considerable financial commitment to cover the cost of Health and Safety issues, insurances and for example purchasing new flags. If you are able to help us by contributing to our funds to maintain our unique event, please contact us by email on helstonfloraday@yahoo.co.uk .

We welcome you to Helston to enjoy our unique and ever popular spring festival on Saturday May 7th.