Council agrees unexpected expenditure for Christmas lights

Published: 24 July 2017

At its meeting on 20th July the Full Council was informed that expenditure of £12,150 was required to carry out stress testing of fixings to comply with the latest safety Regulations.

In a report to Members, the Christmas Lights Committee highlighted the requirements stating that without the testing and higher specification of supporting cables and fixings, for public safety reasons, the Christmas lights displays could not be erected for the forthcoming 2017 Christmas festivities.

During the debate Members expressed their gratitude to the many volunteers that give hundreds of hours voluntarily every year to give Helston the Christmas lights that are the envy of other Cornish towns. Answering a question, the Town Clerk confirmed that the Council held sufficient General Reserves to cover the cost.

Voting on the issue, Councillors were unanimous in agreeing that Helston’s Christmas lights must proceed this year and authorised the expenditure from reserves.