Council Employees

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Town Clerk

Town Clerk, Mr Chris Dawson

The Town Clerk’s full job title is ‘Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer’. He is the Council’s principle official known as the ‘Proper Officer’. His main role is to advise the Council, ensure decisions are lawful and to implement those decisions. The Town Clerk is also responsible for the financial affairs of the Council – managing its budget and ensuring internal controls are in place to safeguard its funds and assets.

The Town Clerk takes part in civic events traditionally wearing a legal wig & gown.

The current Town Clerk – Mr Chris Dawson – was appointed in 2004 having previously gained 21 years’ local government experience working for Cornwall County Council, Cornwall College and Carrick District Council.

Deputy Town Clerk

Deputy Town Clerk, Pamela LavelleThe Deputy Town Clerk works closely with the Town Clerk to provide administrative support to the Town Council.  Miss Pamela Lavelle joined the Town Council in April 2005 and deputises for the Town Clerk in his absence.  Miss Lavelle maintains the accounts ledgers and payroll system and services the Planning committee.  She also supervises two Administrative Assistants.

Administrative Assistant
(part-time mornings)

Administrative Assistant, Katie BestMrs Katie Best joined Helston Town Council as the Administrative Assistant in June 2018.

Mrs Best assists with the daily functioning of the Town Clerk's office with specific responsibility for ensuring the Council's website and Facebook pages are kept up-to-date. She also deputises for the Mayor's Secretary in her absence


Mayor’s Secretary and Administrative Assistant

This is a duel role: firstly assisting the Mayor and Deputy MayorMayor's Secretary, Jacqui Heath
with their civic duties and secondly to give administrative support to the Council 

Ms Jacqui Heath joined Helston Town Council in June 2019.  Her role includes keeping a diary of civic events that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor attend, answering correspondence and assisting with the organisation of civic occasions and the Mayor’s charity fund-raising activities.

In addition, Ms Heath assists with the daily administration of the Town Clerk’s office.

Projects Officer

Projects Officer, Martin SearleMartin Searle joined the Council with a wealth of local regeneration experience.  He works on projects that provide tangible improvements to the town.  His role includes sourcing external funding towards financing the projects.

Senior Caretaker and Assistant Caretaker

Senior Caretaker, Sam GossMrs Samantha Goss and Miss Amanda Holdgate ensure that the Guildhall and surround is clean and tidy. Their role includes acting as key-holders to unlock for hirers and to secure the building at night.

Assistant Caretaker, Amanda Holdgate








Town Warden

Town Warden, Craig BowcuttThe Town Warden’s primary role is to ensure Helston is a safe and green environment.  Craig Bowcutt is the Town Council’s visible presence out and about.  His daily tasks include litter-picking, weed-spraying, graffiti and fly-poster clearing.  He also carries out minor repairs to council assets and assists with town events.

Mr Bowcutt has a good rapport with local businesses and residents who occasionally channel concerns through him back to the Town Council.

General and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

General & Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, Ian Moore

Mr Ian Moore joined us in April 2018 as the General and Grounds Maintenance Operative and now manages our expanded maintenance team which enables the Town Council to respond to concerns regarding the appearance of the town in a proactive manner.  The team is also involved in the grounds maintenance of the three roundabouts which have been adopted by the Town Council.

General Grounds Maintenance Operatives

Mr Dan Pierce and Mr Mark Jones joined the team in 2019 and are ably assisting Mr Moore. They can be seen around town carrying out weeding, grass cutting, litter-picking and other grounds maintenance tasks.

Mr Dan PierceMr Mark Jones