Council Properties

Helston Town Council owns the Guildhall, Helston, a grade 2* listed building, which houses the Town Clerk's office, an office for the Town Warden, the Corn Exchange, Council Chamber and the Mayor's Parlour.  The Corn Exchange and Council Chamber are available for hire. There are public toilets to the rear of the building. The Council owns/ leases five play areas, at the King George V Playing Fields, Bulwark, Cades Parc, Carey Parc and Hellis Wartha.  It owns a couple of additional open spaces and the public conveniences at The Monument, Helston.  The Council also leases a further public conveniences at Trengrouse Way, Helston.

A full list of properties owned or leased by Helston Town Council can be found below:

Helston Town Council - Property

The GuildhallCoinagehall St. Helston TR13 8STPublic Building, Council offices 50°06'03.8"N 5°16'28.1"W
Guildhall Public ToiletsMarket Place, Helston TR13 8THPublic Conveniences50°06'03.8"N 5°16'28.1"W 
Monument Public Toilets Bowling Green, Helston TR13 8HF Public Conveniences 50°06'01.4"N 5°16'40.9"W 
Carey Parc Playground Carey Parc, Helston TR13 0DJ Children’s Play Area 50°06'36.8"N 5°16'29.0"W 
Hellis Wartha Playground Hellis Wartha, Helston TR13 8WF Children’s Play Area 50°06'08.1"N 5°15'40.7"W 
Bosnoweth Open Space Bosnoweth, Helston TR13 8FR Open Space 50°06'00.3"N 5°15'44.4"W 
Hellis Wartha Open Space Hellis Wartha, Helston TR13 8WF Open Space 50°06'08.1"N 5°15'40.7"W 



Wellmoor Play Ground Cades Parc, Helston TR13 8NT Children’s Play Area 50°06'12.9"N 5°16'19.0"W 
King George V Play Area Meneage St, Helston TR13 8AT Children’s Play Area 50°05'52.4"N 5°16'05.7"W 
Bulwark Play Area Albion Road Helston TR13 8JH Children’s Play Area 50°05'44.8"N 5°16'29.9"W 
Trengrouse Way Public Toilets Trengrouse Way, Helston TR13 8QY Public Conveniences 50°05'55.2"N 5°16'18.3"W