Council Services


The Town Council is responsible for the following assets and services:

  • Public Conveniences
  • Public seating and town centre litter bins
  • Bus shelters
  • Public Realm CCTV
  • Notice boards and map boards
  • 5 equipped play areas and other public gardens & open spaces
  • Countryside footpaths
  • Weed-spraying the town centre
  • Consultee for all Helston planning and licensing applications 

Town Baskets

As Cornwall Council strives to make financial savings, the Town Council is poised to take over any non-mandatory services that might otherwise be lost.  The Town Council has already taken over the public conveniences and public realm CCTV which would have been closed down had the Council not stepped in.

The Council keeps the public informed of its activities via its website and Facebook pages as well as postings on notice boards and a quarterly Newsletter.  It also holds consultation events and actively encourages communication with young people though school visits and youth engagement events. 

Members of the public can attend all Full Council and Committee meetings (unless specifically advised otherwise) to express their views to the Council.  Alternatively, the Town Clerk’s office is open Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) from 9.00am to 4.00pm.