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Discover Helston Magazine – correction to Helston Town Council ‘Good to be green’ article

Helston Town Council wishes to issue an apology for an error contained in the ‘Good to be green’ article in the March 2023 edition of the Discover Helston magazine. The article refers to Helston Town Council as ‘the first Council in Cornwall to produce and adopt a Climate Action Plan’ which is incorrect. Whilst the Town Council endorsed the Climate Action Plan, it was produced by the Helston Climate Action Group and the Town Council does not wish to detract from the hard work of the individuals involved who rightly deserve the credit for producing this document.

Should you wish to obtain further information on the Helston Climate Action Plan, or to view the document in its entirety, you can do so at the Helston Climate Action Group website at 

Press Release 

Click here for a Press Release regarding Helston's Community Banking Hub.

Civility & Respect Pledge

At the Full Council meeting on 26th September, the members of Helston Town Council unanimously agreed that HTC should take the Civility and Respect Pledge.

The Civility and Respect Pledge is an initiative started by the National Association of Local Councils, working with partner organisations, to put civility and respect at the top of the agenda and start a culture change for the local council sector. Throughout the sector there are growing concerns about the impact of bullying, harassment, and intimidation on local councils, councillors, clerks and council staff.

Helston Town Council has signed the pledge to show its commitment to standing up to poor behaviour across the sector and its support for positive changes in relation to this issue.

Development of Land at Hospital Cross

Helston Town Council has received notification as a consultee in the planning process for application PA21/07481 for a retail development on land at Hospital Cross. 
Please follow this link for our full report  


Property Flood Resilience Scheme

Want support to protect your property from flooding? Cornwall Council needs your help! Head to the link below to express your interest.

Click here to learn more about the PFR Scheme 


Planning Applications

The monthly list of planning applications for consideration and comment can be found under Planning Committee meetings.

A message from the Mayor


It is a great honor to be elected Mayor of our historic town for 2023/24 and is something that I take on with both pride and humility.  I would like to thank our outgoing mayor, Councillor Tim Gratton-Kane.  Tim has worked tirelessly for both the Council and the town and has been instrumental in numerous changes during his time.

it is with great pleasure I can announce that the Annual Civic Service this year will be held on Sunday 9th July at Helston Methodist Chapel.

I am committed to youth engagement and the Youth Manifesto, and I look forward to seeing this develop further over the next 12 months. I also look forward to continuing to support the work of the youth workers in Helston we as a council continue to fund over this financial year.

in my mayoral period I would like to encourage members of the public to come forward and engage with the Town Council and support our community groups. My mantra through this (and I make no excuse of plagiarizing a past American president here)

Ask not what Helston can do for you.

Ask what you can do for Helston!

I cannot leave this without making special mention of Helston AFC for their massive achievements this year, the best year in their history, with their Men’s, Women’s, and Youth teams.

Finally, and looking ahead. I know we were all disappointed not to be allocated the £17m+ regeneration money earlier this year but that isn’t the end of opportunities for us. We have had some notable successes over the last couple of months in levering funding to support projects within the town. Although we are having to think differently about the way we go about gaining support for projects, I will be actively assisting in the regeneration of the Town, whilst challenging people to ‘think outside the box’.

I will continue to dedicate my efforts into making Helston a place that people want to live, work and visit.

 Hellys Bys Vyken

                                                     Councillor Tim Grattan-Kane

Helston Town Mayor


Helston Town Mayor - Cllr Tim Grattan-Kane 


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Full Council - Konsel Dien

15 Jun 23 - 19:00

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

6 Jul 23 - 18:15

Full Council - Konsel Dien

20 Jul 23 - 19:00

Finance & General Purposes Commitee

27 Jul 23 - 19:00

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

3 Aug 23 - 18:15

Planning Committee - Kessedhek Towlennans

7 Sep 23 - 18:15

Full Council - Konsel Dien

21 Sep 23 - 19:00

Finance & General Purposes Commitee

28 Sep 23 - 19:00