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What do councillors do?

Local councillors are the champions of their community who invest time in local projects and issues to the benefit of residents and the neighbourhood. Councillors attend to local needs of residents, local groups and businesses, make decisions on local services, collaborate with district and county councils to adhere to local needs, and progress vital projects to invest in the future of the community.

What do councils do?

Councils lead on community services such as children's play areas, footpaths and verges, public seating and litter bins, but also larger projects such as leisure services, youth services and climate change initiatives. These activities are funded by a local tax, called a precept which is determined by the council.

How long does it take?

NALC's Local Councillor Census Survey found that councillors put aside, on average, three hours a week for council work. Council work often includes attending meetings, engaging with residents and speaking to local groups and bodies on behalf of the council.

Am I qualified to be a Councillor?

To be a Town Councillor you have to be:

  • a British subject, or a citizen of the Commonwealth or the European Union; and
  • on the “relevant date” (i.e. the day on which you are nominated or if there is a poll the day of the election) 18 years of age or over;
  • on the “relevant day” you must either:
    * be included on the electoral register for Helston;
    * or have during the whole of the 12 months preceding that day occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in Helston;
    * or have during that same period had your principal or only place of work in Helston;
    * or during that 12 month period resided in Helston or within 3 miles of it.

You cannot stand for election if you:

  • are subject of a bankruptcy restriction order or interim order
  • have, within five years before the day of the election, been convicted in the United Kingdom of any offence and have had a sentence of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for a period of over three months without the option of a fine.
  • work for the council you want to become a councillor for (but you can work for other Local Authorities, including the Principal Authorities that represent the same area).

How do I stand as a Councillor?

To stand as a Councillor you need to complete a Candidate Nomination Paper and must be nominated by two people who are included on the Electoral Register from the specific Ward you wish to stand for.

From May 2021 Helston will have two wards with a total of 14 Councillors to serve on Helston Town Council. These are made up as follows:

Helston North Ward 8 Members
(Coloured blue on the map below)

Helston South Ward 6 Members
(Coloured pink on the map below)


You can also look up your address on Cornwall Council's Interactive map to find out which ward you are in. 

HTC Wards 2021 

Parish and Town Council Elections 6th May 2021 

For further information visit Cornwall Council Electoral Services

Nominated candidates have been published for the Town Council and also the Cornwall Council elections. See below...

Town Council Candidates - Helston Wards 

Cornwall Council Candidates - Helston Divisions 

From 8 March 2021, rules will allow for individual campaigners to deliver leaflets and to engage with electors on their doorsteps - however, they should always follow the socially distanced guidelines and must not enter electors' homes.

The full guidance is at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/covid-secure-election-campaigning-will-go-ahead



Cornwall Council is committed to delivering safe elections in May 2021.

On Thursday May 6, elections are due to be held for Cornwall Council, numerous Town and Parish Councils, and the Devon and Cornwall Police Crime Commissioner.

Cornwall Council is putting arrangements in place to ensure polling stations are safe places to vote. Voters can expect many of the measures they’ve become used to over recent months, such as the use of hand sanitiser, floor markings and face coverings.

Residents can also vote by post or by nominating another individual to vote for them.

To vote in these elections, anyone who is not registered or has recently moved must have registered by midnight on Monday 19th April 2021. People must re-register if they’ve changed address, name or nationality.

If you are already registered, you do not need to apply again unless your circumstances have recently changed.

Further information about registering to vote can be found on the Electoral Commission website you may also wish to view the Polling Station Accessibility arrangements.

Any decision to postpone the polls would be for the UK Government to make and be subject to parliamentary approval.





Further Information

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor you may find the following information of interest.



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NOTICE OF ELECTION - Town & Parish Councillors - West Cornwall Division 










































Image - ways to vote 

Applications to vote by post and proxy votes must be sent to the Electoral Registration Officer by not later than 5pm on Tuesday 20 April, 2021


In order to be eligible to vote in any elections you need to be on the Electoral Register.  To check if you are registered or to find out how to register contact Cornwall Council on 0300 123 1115 or e-mail voter-registration@cornwall.gov.uk. You can register online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. Further information can be found on the Cornwall Council website at www.cornwall.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/elections.

Why should I register to vote


If you don’t register:

• you cannot vote;
• you cannot nominate a candidate;
• you do not get a say on who represents you;
• you do not have a say on important issues that affect you.

Further information can be found at https://www.yourvotematters.co.uk/.

Who can register to vote

You can register to vote if you are 17 years old (and in some cases if you are 16) but you can only vote when you become 18.

You qualify to register to vote if you are:

• a British citizen
• an EU citizen resident in the UK
• a qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK

A qualifying Commonwealth citizen is someone who has leave to enter or remain in the UK, or does not require such leave.

Further information can be found at www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/voter/register-vote-and-update-your-details.

Vote By Post