Working Party - Bagas Oberi

The Town Council has a number of Working Parties to assist the Council in carrying out its duties. The Working Parties do not have decision making authority and make recommendations to either the Full Council or to the Committee that established it. Working Party meetings are informal and, whilst they are not open to the public, members of the public can be invited to participate in Working Party meetings.


Licensing Consultative Group

The Licensing Consultative Group which consists of two representatives from each of the three Committees considers licensing applications and submits a response to Cornwall Council as an informal consultee.

The current membership is:

Councillor J Martin 




Emergency Plan Working Party

The Emergency Plan Working Party has been set up to draft an Emergency Plan in the event of severe weather, influenza outbreak or major accident.  The plan will assist those most vulnerable.  The current working party membership is:

Councillor R Williams
Councillor T E Grattan-Kane
The Town Clerk (Miss P J Lavelle)



Youth Engagement Working Party

The Youth Engagement Working Party meets to discuss arrangements for youth engagement events with the schools which are held by the Council. It also considers arrangements for other events to engage with young people on the role of the Council. This working party makes recommendations to Full Council and the current membership is:


Councillor RJL Boase
Councillor Mrs FNE Boase
Councillor M H Thomas
Councillor T Grattan-Kane
Councillor G T Looker
Councillor M Benyon
Councillor CLD Real


Guildhall Working Party

The Guildhall Working Party is responsible for investigating and overseeing the maintenance requirements for the Guildhall and makes recommendations to the Amenities Committee. The current working party membership is:

The Town Mayor - Councillor J Martin
The Deputy Mayor - Councillor T E Grattan-Kane
The Chair of Amenities - Councillor Mrs F N E Boase 
The Town Clerk - Miss P J Lavelle